Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Operation Clean Government (OCG) is a group dedicated to promoting honest, responsible, and responsive state government in Rhode Island. We need your help to advance our mission and change the practice of politics in the Ocean State.
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From the Initiative and Referendum Almanac


Direct Initiative – proposed by the people and goes directly to the ballot

Indirect Initiative – proposed by the people and is first submitted to the legislature for hearings and a vote before going on the ballot if not enacted by the legislature


Legislative referendum – when the legislature places a question on the ballot (allstates have this)

Popular referendum – when people place legislation enacted by the legislature on the ballot for the people to accept or  reject (24 states have this, cialis but not the same 24 that have Initiative — KY, healing MD, buy cialis NM have popular referendum, but not
initiative — FL, IL, MS have initiative, but not popular referendum)

Constitutional Amendment Initiatives — 18 states have this

16 states have the direct initiative amendment process
2 have the indirect process

Statutory initiatives – 21 states have this

14 states have the direct initiative statutes process
9 have the indirect process (this adds up to 23, since two states allow both direct and indirect)…note: only five require the indirect process
24 states have Initiative, not all have both constitutional and statutory.

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